The Pandemic School


Upcoming Classes 2pm-4pm

JAN2022 workshops postponed due to Omicron 

  1. Handwriting: Memory, Material, and Mimesis | Prerna | postponed

  2. My Surroundings as My Vessel | by Maxwell McInnis | postponed

  3. In Touch With Homeland | Aki Shibata | postponed

Past Events

  1. Burning Jin Paper | by Peng Wu | DEC 4th

  2. Coiling Together | by Alonzo Pantoja | DEC 5th

  3. Counterspaces | by Yuko Taniguchi | DEC 11th

  4. Quarantine Newsroom Collage | by Chris Harrison | DEC 12th

  5. Soundtracking and Playlist Making with Trina! | by Trina Fernandez | DEC 19th

Location: Soo Visual Art Center 2909 Bryant Ave S #101, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Open enrollment starts now! Limited eight spots for each in-person workshop. Sign up here!

Any questions? please email:


  1. The Pandemic School is a small experimental learning platform for primarily BIPOC artists to share their learnings during the pandemic. 

  2. Every artist-led workshop has a simple format: making & chatting.

  3. Made possible by SooVAC, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, and the donors of Since COVID19 project. 


Image from:
2020 Quarantine: 100 Days of Space, 2020
Documenting every five minutes of isolation, with over 50k photographs, it’s an archive of my time spent, a study of the impending and hidden horror of Covid-19, and proof, that even hidden away, I still exist.

Soundtracking and Playlist Making with Trina!

by Trina Fernandez

Saturday December 19th from 2pm to 4pm.
Open enrollment starts now! Limited eight spots for each workshop.  Any questions? please email:
*All necessary materials will be provided to those who sign up to participate.
*No previous artmaking experience necessary.
*Vaccination proof or 72 hours negative COVID test is required to attend the workshop.

Workshop Overview 
The pandemic made me rely on music in a whole new way. As a musician for more than half my life, and as an artist who often incorporates music in their work, I didn't think that I could find more appreciation for the art.
Join me for a music listening party where each person in attendance will share one song that touched them during the pandemic, and one song that is really speaking to them now. We'll make a playlist together so that we can always remember this shared experience in this weird time.

Artist Bio
           Trina is a Filipino American installation and book maker from Sacramento, California. She received a BA in photography from California State University Sacramento, and her MFA in Visual Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her work and research focus on the banal image, social media, and affects inherited by consumerism. Using popular imagery, nostalgia, and artiface, she creates elaborate displays that serve as a way for her to process the past and to connect to the present. By modeling vulnerability, she hopes for a deeper connection with the viewer.
She has presented research on social media and loneliness at the Smart Museum of Art in Chicago, SECAC, and PCA/ACA.

Artist website: