The Pandemic School


Upcoming Classes 2pm-4pm

JAN2022 workshops postponed due to Omicron 

  1. Handwriting: Memory, Material, and Mimesis | Prerna | postponed

  2. My Surroundings as My Vessel | by Maxwell McInnis | postponed

  3. In Touch With Homeland | Aki Shibata | postponed

Past Events

  1. Burning Jin Paper | by Peng Wu | DEC 4th

  2. Coiling Together | by Alonzo Pantoja | DEC 5th

  3. Counterspaces | by Yuko Taniguchi | DEC 11th

  4. Quarantine Newsroom Collage | by Chris Harrison | DEC 12th

  5. Soundtracking and Playlist Making with Trina! | by Trina Fernandez | DEC 19th

Location: Soo Visual Art Center 2909 Bryant Ave S #101, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Open enrollment starts now! Limited eight spots for each in-person workshop. Sign up here!

Any questions? please email:


  1. The Pandemic School is a small experimental learning platform for primarily BIPOC artists to share their learnings during the pandemic. 

  2. Every artist-led workshop has a simple format: making & chatting.

  3. Made possible by SooVAC, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, and the donors of Since COVID19 project. 


My Surroundings as My Vessel

Led by Maxwell Mclnnis

Sunday Jan 9th from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
Open enrollment starts now! Limited eight spots for each workshop. Any questions? please email:
*All necessary materials will be provided to those who sign up to participate.
*No previous artmaking experience necessary.
*Vaccination proof or 72 hours negative COVID test is required to attend the workshop.

Workshop overview:
This workshop will be an exploration of building from found materials. During the pandemic I learned to use my surroundings to continue making, you can use anything to connect to the outside world. I learned to physicalize my internal narratives in a way that others can connect to. The basics of this will be 3 elements, armatures, binding materials, and “bricks”.  We’re going to make a vessel together by interpretively building with these 3 categories! What does this mean?Well, my work uses a lot of weird materials and found objects set together by taking things like apoxie and wood pulp to bind these objects that are first set with wire or wood armatures.
I pull a lot of inspiration from roadside attractions like “the Grotto of the Redemption” in West Bend, Iowa. Where a priest built grottos to the saints out of found stones and grout.  Things like this dot the American Midwest and im in love with them!

WHET TO BRING: anything, truly any weird craft items you want to use that we can use in these categories and some objects you care about. Things that can be used as binding materials could be: tape, play doh, paper pulp, wood filler, caulk, wood pulp,etc.
We will be discussing what our brought objects are to us and how we see them existing as a vessel.

LE / 1957
From The Immense Journey


Lead Artist Bio:

After being born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, I moved out to Rhode Island to attend RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design). in 2018 I graduated with a BFA in Furniture Design. I currently make sculptural furniture and design objects that I sell as well. Contact me for any inquiries.

check out my Instagram page to find out where I’ll be and what I’m recently up to

My work centers around my constant desire to combine industrial equipment, memories of my great grandmas house, the architecture of small towns in the Northern Midwest, and objects of truck stops into a surrealist landscape.
Queercore meets 'Little House on the Prairie'

ASPHALT CANDELABRAS found chunks of asphalt. gemstone accents, handmade candles, apoxie putty holders debris from the parking lot where the Mothership crashed into your planet
Seen in: Soo Vac Gallerie’s Untitled 16, 2020