The Pandemic School


Upcoming Classes 2pm-4pm

JAN2022 workshops postponed due to Omicron 

  1. Handwriting: Memory, Material, and Mimesis | Prerna | postponed

  2. My Surroundings as My Vessel | by Maxwell McInnis | postponed

  3. In Touch With Homeland | Aki Shibata | postponed

Past Events

  1. Burning Jin Paper | by Peng Wu | DEC 4th

  2. Coiling Together | by Alonzo Pantoja | DEC 5th

  3. Counterspaces | by Yuko Taniguchi | DEC 11th

  4. Quarantine Newsroom Collage | by Chris Harrison | DEC 12th

  5. Soundtracking and Playlist Making with Trina! | by Trina Fernandez | DEC 19th

Location: Soo Visual Art Center 2909 Bryant Ave S #101, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Open enrollment starts now! Limited eight spots for each in-person workshop. Sign up here!

Any questions? please email:


  1. The Pandemic School is a small experimental learning platform for primarily BIPOC artists to share their learnings during the pandemic. 

  2. Every artist-led workshop has a simple format: making & chatting.

  3. Made possible by SooVAC, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, and the donors of Since COVID19 project. 


Black Hearts 2
2020 20” x 16” Acrylic, photocopy, carpenter glue on wood panel

Quarantine Newsroom Collage

by Christopher Harrison

Saturday December 12th from 2pm to 4pm.
Open enrollment starts now! Limited eight spots for each workshop.  Any questions? please email:
*All necessary materials will be provided to those who sign up to participate.
*No previous artmaking experience necessary.
*Vaccination proof or 72 hours negative COVID test is required to attend the workshop.

Workshop Overview 
Attendees are invited to bring a few pieces of news articles to the workshop - they can be printed out online articles or newspapers you read during the social distancing time. When selecting the news articles, consider how these news connect to the story of your own life in the pandemic. Each attendee will learn from the lead artist how to create a collage by combining the news materials they bring and other print materials the artist will provide. Each attendee can use the process of collage-making to reflect on and express their memories of their social distancing life. Individual collage work will be later placed together on a board of "collective home" made by the lead artist to form a collective story of our pandemic time. The group will take time to share and contemplate each other's stories in front of the "collective home".  

Artist Statement
            I use collaged abstracted biomorphic shapes, objects and graphics to tell stories of the Black experience. The forms have symbolic and tactile connections even though they’re non representation. My titling of the pieces add clarity to the stories behind the work. The works refer to different periods of historic relevance throughout the Black diaspora, whether it be the transatlantic slave trade, the American Civil Rights Movement or the Haitian Revolution.
           I use the abstracted form as metaphor for the Black body in that its adaptability and resilience has been a defining aspect of our existence as a race throughout the history of civilization. The use of found objects represents the diversity of cultures, philosophies, and physical features Blacks possess universally. I feel these differences should be celebrated and not feared by ourselves and the rest of the world. The graphic symbols, some self created, others functioning, give reference to African languages and patterns, brought together to give a precursor to the stories I present. I challenge the viewer to do their own personal research afterwards to find out more if they are not familiar.
          I’m making this art right now because I feel its important to share the anecdotes of struggle and perseverance that have defined the Black race in concrete and impactful way. The world to me seems to have a short attention span, repeating destructive tendencies constantly. I see my work as a tool for looking back to move forward, to confront the questions head-on of how to grasp our shared humanity through the lens of Black existence.

Previous Artwork:

2015 11" X 17" Acrylic on canvas

Make Me Wanna Holla
2021 48” x 36” Acrylic on Canvas

Old Glory
2020 3’ x 5’ Manufactured flag, tempera, starter pistol

Masquerade 11
2021 20” x 30” Collage, graphite on paper

Masquerade 10
2021 20” x 30” Collage, graphite on paper

Masquerade 13
2021 20" x 30" Collage, graphite on paper

Disembodied Malcolm
2015 Broken Plaster, Photocopy Image (approx. 7”x 4”)

2021 40” x 32” Acrylic on canvas